Crowd Control Barriers

New to Stagerent for Spring / Summer 2012. We have invested in 30 x 1m BigTop crowd control Barriers with access / multicore cable gates and corners.
These Barriers are available to hire with our stage, or on their own subject to availability. BigTop Front of Stage / Pit Barriers are designed as a temporary structure to withstand pressures created by an audience at events, usually that of a concert, and assist both the health and safety of the audience and that of the stage crew.
Each 1m Barrier section has a 100cm diameter top rail which helps prevent injury to the stomach and hip area when a member of the audience needs to be pulled over it in an emergency. The crew step and audience floor is manufactured using all weather anti-slip aluminium.  Our BigTop Barriers conform to all the necessary pop code requirements and carry a full structural analysis being designed for an unfactored horizontal load of 5 kN/m in accordance with BS 8118: part 1: 1991.
Please contact us for further details.